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パーミュット 微粉砕、解砕、分級

Raw materials pre-processed to a size ranging from 2 - 3 mm are ground down into an even finer (about 10 - 20 microns) powder.
The high speed rotation of the attachment and the impact of the fixed blade on the inner wall combine to achieve ultra-fine grinding of dry particles.


シャークミル 粗砕、すりおろし、粉砕・混合

With our Shark Mill, you can simply insert raw materials into the machine as is and after processing the result is no different from grating by hand.
The knife shape and sharp edge enable speedy processing that catches all of the materials, contributing to drastic reductions in operating cost.


ディスクカッター 粗砕、みじん切り

After the raw material has been sliced by the large disc knife on the first tier, centrifugal force knocks it into the side walls, and the second, third, and fourth tier disk knives, which are fixed blades attached to the walls, cut the material progressively finer.


ロータリーカッター 破砕

The raw materials feed into the machine through the input port are cracked by the fixed and rotating blades, then the particles fall out into the collection receptacle as they become smaller than the diameter of the holes in the screen.
Cracked particles larger than the hole diameter are gradually broken down by the rotating and fixed blades until they are small enough to pass through.


R&D マルチミル 粗砕、すりおろし

●1 machine 5 uses
By changing the attachment to suit the usage purpose, this machine can perform five different types of processing.

•Grinder         •Hammer mill
•Shark mill         •Crusher
•Cutter mixer

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