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シャークミル 粗砕、すりおろし、粉砕・混合 独自の技術で、繊維質が強い原料を前処理無しでペースト化。低温処理が可能です。

Up until now, processing these kinds of fibrous materials required the use of a crusher or cutter mixer for pre-treatment, but with our Shark Mill, this is no longer necessary.
Simply insert raw materials into the machine as is and after processing the result is no different from grating by hand.
For ginger specifically, this machine can process a large volume of up to 600 kg per hour.
The knife shape and sharp edge enable speedy processing that catches all of the materials, contributing to drastic reductions in operating cost.
The Shark Mill can also be used for a variety of dry goods applications.

シャークミルの原理 原理

Fitted with a rotating horizontal cutting blade and upper and lower vertical cutting blades that finely chop highly fibrous materials.
The differing angles of the rotating cutters agitate the raw materials in the fine grinding chamber, processing uniformly without any missed areas.

Maintains a low temperature through air flow.

The air flow produced by the cutter shape enables crushing operates at low temperatures.
For example, this aspect of the Shark Mill’s design solves the problem of crushing heat which affects other dry fine grinding machines.

The number of cutter tiers is calculated based on the properties of the raw materials you wish to process.

Cutter settings are available in two or three tiers (two or three blades).
We determine the optimal setting for processing based on the properties of the raw materials you plan to use and the products you would like to create.

The knife shape and cutting edge are our proprietary technologies.

The raw materials are cut up and down by the horizontal plane of the cutter, then further cut left and right by fine cutters placed perpendicularly.
Through our long years of succesful deliveries and maintenance, we have determined the ideals for various factors such as cutter angle, blade number, positioning, and size, further improving and evolving our products over time with this knowledge.

■ Usage examples
•Dry Activated charcoal felt, film, reishi mushrooms (Chinese traditional medicine), dried lobster, seasonings, onion skin, shochu lees, lemongrass, dried vegetables, dried sardines, bonito flakes, various salts
•Wet Ginger, lettuce, daikon radish, Chinese broad bean chili paste, onion, carrot, mekabu seaweed
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