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マルチミル 粗砕、すりおろし グラインダー、カッター・ハンマー、クラッシャー、研究開発用小型機 1台で5役、研究開発・少量多品種に最適。

Compact and high-performance machine.
Well-suited to a wide range of applications, such as low-volume high-variety manufacturing for research and development.
With just this one machine, you can change the attachment to suit the usage purpose and perform five different types of processing.
Can be used for a wide range of manufacturing purposes such as prototyping, evaluation testing, and experimental material production for both foodstuffs and industrial applications, helping to speed up your research and development process.
Our grinders and cutter mixers are also popular with hotels and restaurants.
Since this product can be dismantled and broken down, it can be cleaned easily in a standard kitchen sink.
Attachments can be purchased individually to suit your usage purpose.

G グラインダー H ハンマーミル

Materials pass through the gap in between the upper and lower milling stones and are crushed into fine particles (this also has a simultaneous mixing effect).
Since this is a stone mill system, the particles are rounded for a smooth paste.

The impact force of the high-speed rotating swing hammer combined with the collision interaction of particles within the lining gaps rapidly produce a fine powder.

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S シャークミル Y クラッシャー C カッターミル

Even strongly fibrous materials (such as ginger) can be ground into pastes with no pre-processing required.
The sharp edge of the knife enables speedy processing that leaves no residue behind.

The six special knife blades rapidly pulverize materials.
Raw materials the size of the input port can be continuously processed, and this product is appropriate for use as a pre-treatment step prior to dehydration.

The high-speed cutter rapidly processes large raw materials into fine particles, and the machine can be operated continuously.

基本原理を見る 基本原理を見る
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