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無菌チョッパー 粗砕、山芋、すりゴマ、その他

山芋のとろろWith conventional choppers, when making products such as grated mountain yam, since the raw material enters into the drive parts, getting them clean afterward was a problem. Operators reported that even if they cleaned thoroughly, raw materials from the previous batch would come out with the next one.
Our Antibacterial Chopper keeps the casing (grinding chamber) and drive parts completely separated from each other, eliminating this kind of problem.


チョッパー 粗砕、肉、その他

This machine is used for grinding meat and other materials into mince.
It is made entirely of stainless steel, and the screw and the tab are a single piece, preventing clogging and maintaining hygienic conditions.
The raw material input port is set low for ease of operability.

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