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パーミュット 微粉砕、解砕、分級 アタッチメントを替える事で、粉砕・混合・分級を1台で処理。

Raw materials pre-processed to a size ranging from 2 - 3 mm are ground down into an even finer (about 10 - 20 microns) powder.
The high speed rotation of the attachment and the impact of the fixed blade on the inner wall combine to achieve ultra-fine grinding of dry particles.

カッター・アトマイザー  原理 パーミュットの原理

Through the high-speed rotation of the hammer, the impact of the rotating blade and fixed internal wall blade grind the raw materials into fine powder.
The particles fall out into the collection receptacle as they become smaller than the diameter of the holes in the screen.

■Usage examples
Dried materials such as granulated sugar, tea, seaweed, grains, seasonings, Chinese traditional medicine, as well as various medical products, zeolites, and films.
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