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ロータリーカッター 破砕 原料をホッパーに投入するだけで希望の粒子に破砕。

Can be used to grind block and plank format raw materials.
The equipment is extremely low noise, and a noise-reducing structure on the hopper (input port) is fitted standard.
The screen which determines the particle size can be set to a wide range from Φ2 mm - Φ30 mm, with one-touch adjustment for changes.
Since the grinding temperature does not produce much heat, it is suitable for low-temperature processing.
We also offer options such as steel blades, SUS (stainless steel) blade, and ultra-hard blades to suit various purposes.
Cleaning is easy as well.

Special stainless processing

The standard specifications include special stainless processing for the rotating blade, fixed blade, and screen.
The hardness is equivalent to carbide, and it is also resistant to chipping.

原理 ロータリーカッターの原理  

The raw materials feed into the machine through the input port are cracked by the fixed and rotating blades, then the particles fall out into the collection receptacle as they become smaller than the diameter of the holes in the screen.
Cracked particles larger than the hole diameter are gradually broken down by the rotating and fixed blades until they are small enough to pass through.
Accordingly, the fineness of the powder particles is determined by the screen hole diameter.

■Usage examples
●Food Dried materials such as tea, seaweed, grains, seafood, seasonings, Chinese traditional medicine, as well as moisture-containing materials such as fruits, vegetables, seafood
●Chemistry Polycarbonate, acrylic, FRP, PP, PVC, PET resin, fluororesin, sponge, urethane, etc.
●Other Can also compact items such as aluminum and steel cans, other metal materials, wood, pulp, leather, carbides, industrial waste products, and general garbage
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