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野菜クラッシャー 粗砕 野菜や果物を3〜5mmに粉砕します。

The raw materials are cut by the knife, then flung to the wall by centrifugal force. The unevenness of the wall surface causes particles to bounce back to the knife again.
As this process repeats, the particles get increasingly finer.


Vegetables and other raw materials are transformed into fine powders.

Depending on the placement of the knife and the fixed blade on the internal wall, even vegetables like lettuce and cabbage can be place inside without removing the core and cut into 3 - 5 mm sections.

For crushing food waste.
Shortens bacteria breakdown time.

Also ideal for crushing foodstuffs waste materials such as leaves, skins, and cores.
Since the structure of raw materials is destroyed, bacterial activity is promoted more than when processing with sharp blades, shortening breakdown time.


For pre-treatment for dehydration and extracts.

Since this product destroys the structure of the raw materials as it crushes, it’s ideal as a pre-treatment for vegetables and fruits before dehydrating or producing extracts.


Note: We also take orders for machines to meet various crushing needs for other foodstuffs and industrial materials.

■Usage examples
•Coarse grinding (cracking) Grinder pre-treatment, pre-processing for grinders, dehydration, and extraction, coarse grinding processing for vegetables, cracking of waste products
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