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グローミル 微粉砕、微砕、解砕、整粒、分散 石臼式ならではの多用途対応。高密度の砥粒。切れ味や処理能力が断然違う。

he first Grow Mill utilizing the principles of milling stones was released approximately 30 years ago.
Ever since then, we have spent long years in business improving our proprietary technologies and continually evolving to the present product style.
Grow Mill’s broad scope of applications ranging from shearing to grinding, fine powders, dispersion, emulsification, and fibrillation for both foodstuffs and industrial materials is a distinctive feature.
These products have been adopted by numerous users who recognize the difference in their cutting edge and processing performance.

原理 グローミルの原理

The Grow Mill is a stone milling grinder which uses two milling stones, one upper and one lower.
The impact, centrifugal, and shear forces which occur when materials pass through the gap between the stones are used to mill these materials into ultra-fine powder.
The particle size can be freely adjusted by simply changing the clearance (milling stone gap).
The specially-constructed ceramic milling stone can also be used for contact operation, enabling fine particle grinding under a micron in size.


For corn soup, straining is completely unnecessary.
Enables use of 100% of raw materials.

For example, when making three liters of corn soup, the straining process which typically involves about 60 minutes of manual labor can be skipped entirely.
In just three minutes, the raw materials are completely milled with no residue whatsoever, so you can use 100%.

Achieves high yield with stable particle size.

Since this is a stone milling machine, particle size distribution is extremely sharp.
With Grow Mill, even materials which became waste products in the past can be fully utilized.

Clearance (milling stone gap) can be adjusted in units of 0.005 mm.

Clearance can be easily adjusted in units of 0.005 mm.
Particle size has a major impact on product quality, and you can trust this machine.
Clearance adjustment can be carried out automatically.

Also compatible with special-order grinders.

Whether you’re using one of our products or one made by another company, if your current grinder cannot produce the products you want, we can make the ideal machine for your needs by utilizing our abundant experience and knowledge.


■ Usage examples
•Food Demi glace sauce, corn soup, sesame paste, soy pulp, soybeans, rice flour, vegetable paste, mousse, cheese, butter, mayonnaise, peanut butter, Japanese plums, various salts
•Flavorings Chinese broad bean chili paste, ginger paste, garlic paste, sauce ingredients, sake lees, soybean fermenting mash, miso
•Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics Various pharmaceutical creams, Chinese traditional medicine raw materials, reishi mushrooms
•Industrial raw materials Activated charcoal, metal oxides, hydrated lithium, polyimides, films, carbon, glass, resin, water-soluble paints, nickel oxides, and grease milling and dispersion
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