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無菌チョッパー 粗砕、山芋、すりゴマ、その他 ケージング(粉砕室)と駆動部を遮断(特許取得)。洗浄・殺菌が容易です。

With conventional choppers, when making products such as grated mountain yam, since the raw material enters into the drive parts, getting them clean afterward was a problem. Operators reported that even if they cleaned thoroughly, raw materials from the previous batch would come out with the next one.
Our Antibacterial Chopper keeps the casing (grinding chamber) and drive parts completely separated from each other (patented design), eliminating this kind of problem.
To ensure you are able to process the product you want, we select and design the ideal screw, knife, and plate elements for the characteristics of your raw materials.

無菌チョッパーの原理 原理

The Antibacterial Chopper contains raw materials inside of the casing for processing, and keeps the drive parts separated in an external enclosure.
The materials are pushed out with high pressure, then finely milled by impact and friction forces from the rotating knife. Afterward, they pass through and are output to the plate.
The heat from the drive parts does not reach the raw materials.


Easy to maintain hygienic conditions.

Since the casing (grinding chamber) and drive parts are isolated from each other, each part can be completely cleaned to maintain hygienic conditions.
To ensure day to day operations are not an excessive burden, the casing (grinding chamber) is designed to take just three minutes to break down and reassemble.
The design (shown below) also prevents the temperature from rising during grinding, preventig the propagation of bacteria.

Low temperature fine grinding. Ideal for food products which are not heated.

Since the force on raw materials and products is low, almost no heat is produced during crushing operations.
Ideal for processing raw materials you want to avoid heating.

The screw, knife, and plate are shaped for the ideal balance, helping create the product you want.

The shape and size of the knife and plate (holes) in the grinding area are set based on the characteristics of the raw materials and the particle size of finished paste.
The role of the screw is feeding the raw materials forward, and creating a smooth flow that doesn’t put excessive pressure on them is important.
By carefully monitoring this subtle balance and making adjustments, we ensure the resulting product meets your needs.

■ Usage examples
•Grated mountain yam processing, ground sesame
•Grinding processing fro frozen meat and bones
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