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チョッパー 粗砕、肉、その他 オールステンレス仕様、肉練りの少ないリボン式チャージングスクリューを採用し、原料投入口が低く作業が容易な機械です。株式会社日本キャリア工場社製

The screw main body and the tab are a single piece, preventing clogging and maintaining hygienic conditions.
The charging screw can be operated smoothly with a separate motor.
This machine is designed with attention to operating safety, as shown in the inclusion of a safety cover and the deflector at the output port which is fitted with a sensor.

チョッパーの原理 原理

The chopper contains raw materials inside of the casing for processing.
The materials are pushed out with high pressure, then finely milled by impact and friction forces from the rotating knife. Afterward, they pass through and are output to the plate.
The heat from the drive parts does not reach the raw materials.

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