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Multi Mill and Shark rotating blades

Because Multi Mill and Shark rotating blades were made with welding up until now, gaps formed in areas where the blade turned which could not be welded, and these spots were difficult to clean after grinding.

In addition, these parts were difficult to make, which caused them to be expensive.

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For this reason,
•Achieving rotational balance with the blades was difficult.
•Positioning rivets interfered with grinding operations.
•Ground materials got caught in the gaps between the blade and the rivets.
•The ground materials caught in these gaps increased the burden on the keyway, causing it to expand.
•Blades were expensive.


Multi Mill and Shark rotating blades are now made with lost wax casting.
Since this process enables rotating blades to be manufactured at a lower cost, we are able to provide them to our customers more cheaply.
In addition, the part design is now free of unnecessary protrusions, gaps, and other irregularities, making it easier to clean. The addition of a boss part strengthens the keyway, so there is no need to worry about expansion anymore.
Not only that, these lost wax rotating blades are engraved for easy recognition of upper and lower at a glance, so you can mount them without worrying about which is which.

Note: These lost wax rotating blades are also compatible with our Multi Mill (Shark), so customers who have already introduced these machines can purchase with peace of mind.

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  Multi Mill (Shark)
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