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The fine adjustments to grinder clearance (gap) which could only be handled by veteran workers up until now can now be carried out automatically during operations, achieving dramatic improvements in both quality management and productivity. These are the benefits of EPC technology. Utilizing our advanced and trusted technology developed in our many years as a major manufacturer, we are bringing innovation to the grinding machine industry.


Easy to use even for beginners.

Just set the clearance right at the start, and the machine will maintain your desired values long-term thereafter, completely automatically.
The switches enable simple on/off operation, providing ease of use even for inexperienced operators.


High-accuracy automatic adjustment far beyond human potential

Clearance adjustments are carried out in units of 3 microns (3/1000 mm).
This high-accuracy adjustments far exceeds the capability of even the most experienced human operators and can be used to create your company’s proprietary products and meet customer requirements with ease.


Multiple machines can be managed by a single operator

Changes which occur during machine operation are rapidly caught by the EPC technology, which then carries out automatic adjustment.
Current operating conditions can be checked at a glance with the operation panel.
This eliminates the hassle of quality control measures such as a stopping after a certain interval and checking products which were required up until now, enabling a single operator to manage multiple machines.


Sampling can be achieved simply and accurately

Sampling clearance can be saved as a data record.
No matter how many dozens of varieties of prototypes you’ve created in the past, you can rapidly and accurately the exact clearance used each time, which not only improves precision but also drastically reduces the burden on operators.
Since this data record can also be used for documents submitted to customers, it assists in building strong and trusting relationships.


Can be applied to all GM products

Even without buying a new machine, the technology is designed to be usable on existing grinder GM products you already have.


High reliability

EPC technology is not affected*1 by changes during operation or which occur in the surrounding environment, and the system provides stability for long-term, reliable operation.
Grinder clearance is a delicate matter, but you can let our system handle it for you with peace of mind.

*Changes in the surrounding environment refers to changes such as those shown in the figure to the right.


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