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会社概要 : 株式会社グローエンジニアリング
Note: As of October 2016
Company name
5-23-30 Toneri, Adachi Ward, Tokyo 121-0831
Shingo Office
4-7-16 Honbasu, Kawaguchi, Saitama 334-0076
Phone number
Fax number
November 6, 1991
22,500,000 yen
Representative Director Tsugio Hosobuchi
Business content
Industrial crushing and processing equipment and peripheral design, manufacturing, and sales.
Sales targets by field
Foods, beverages, sake brewing, other brewing, Chinese traditional medicine, drug manufacturing, cosmetics, pulp, paint, chemistry, waste materials, and others
Corporate history
November 1991
Founded under the trade name “GROW ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.” with 10 million yen in capital
January 1992
Developed and launched sales of the “Grow Mill” milling stone grinder, designed to meet a range of different needs with capability to process materials ranging from foodstuffs to industrial applications.
Developed and launched sales of high-density, poreless grinders which achieve high processing capacity alongside low operating temperatures due to the sharpness of the grinder blades.
Developed and launched sales of NP Grinder α Type products which use a mountain shape to create a fine, smooth paste.
January 1993
Capital increased to 22.5 million yen.
Developed and launched sales of the “Antibacterial Chopper,” which features complete isolation of the casing and drive parts.
May 1994
Developed and launched sales of the “Multi Mill,” a single unit which provides three different functions.
October 1994
Developed and launched sales of “Shark Mill (formerly ‘Ginger Mill’)”, capable of processing highly-fibrous materials such as ginger with no pre-treatment required.
June 1996
Purchased the land and building of the current headquarters location in Adachi, Tokyo and transferred the factory to its current address (Kawaguchi, Saitama).
Registered a patent for the grinder used in Grow Mill products.
February 1997
Registered a patent for the Multi Mill product.
Registered a patent for the Antibacterial Chopper product.
May 2000
Introduced CAD.
March 2001
Registered a patent for the Crushing Atomizer product.
June 2003
Added two attachments to the Multi Mill, expanding its capabilities to five operations in one unit.
October 2006
Celebrated the 15th anniversary of the company’s founding.
May 2016
Opened the Shingo Office.
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