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挽く、刻む、砕く。粉砕クリエーター グローエンジニアリングの粉砕機

Subtle changes that only craftsmen could handle affect food texture and flavor, improve ease of cleaning and disassembly, and drastically increase production capacity.
By designing products to meet a variety of strict needs in our users’ facilities, we developed our own proprietary technologies.
With the Grow Mill, micron powder is now possible thanks to the high-density thin stone, which is capable of clearance adjustment in units of 0.005 mm.
The Shark Mill can grind up to 600 kg of strongly fibrous materials such as ginger into a paste per hour with no pre-processing required.
Cleaning and sterilization have been made easier through proprietary technology such as our antibacterial chopper, which keeps raw materials from coming into contact with the drive parts, and these machines are highly evaluated by all of our our users.
In addition, the functionality and performance of our machine have been recognized by industrial users, and they continue to be used and adopted in this sector.

Note: We also handle special-order products and improvements for increased functionality with rapid delivery times.

Manufacturing facilities are faced with extremely difficult circumstances such as insufficient manpower and declining equipment investments.
In spite of this, they are expected to improve their productivity.
To clear these severe conditions, optimization of production lines is an urgent requirement.
In response to these needs, we carry out all aspects of production line services including planning, design, fabrication, and maintenance.
Utilizing our abundant knowledge and experience, we respond to the needs of each individual site to design the optimal production lines for your company factory, upgrade operations and systems, or improve existing lines.


In addition to accepting requests for various consultations and testing prior to installation, we also provide service and support for your peace of mind afterward.
Precious information from on-site visits is incorporated into our technology proposals, providing useful options to our users.
By building these kinds of trusting relationships with our customers, we have been able to remain in business for many years.


We have solved a variety of difficult problems related to grinding materials, achieving customer ideas in aspects of their business such as new food product development.
What is the most efficient way to process the materials needed?
What method can be used to achieve that?
What kind of machines are needed for this method?
Time is of the essence in the development industry, and our technology and services will provide firm support for your company.


Do you have concerns about your production lines, machinery, or equipment?
“I want to improve productivity.” “I want to install new machines, but what kind of options are there?”
“What kind of machines are ideal for our factory?”
We use our abundant knowledge and experience to provide clear answers to these kinds of questions.


In order to utilize the limited space inside of a factory effectively, the layout of equipment and devices is important.
We consider factors such as the number of employees and characteristics of the production line and the products and design the ideal layout for the equipment and machinery of your company facility.
In addition, we implement preventive measures to ensure there are no dangerous areas.
In this way, our layouts achieve smooth production line operation while maintaining a comfortable working environment.


We carry out system creation for optimal production lines in client company factories with consideration for working space, number of employees, goal production volumes, the characteristics of products, and budget.
Please feel free to contact us.

システムアップ( 単品受注)

We also accept orders for individual machinery and equipment units.
“I want to keep using our current production line while upgrading the overall system.”
We deliver the machinery and equipment ideal for achieving improved productivity at our clients’ factories in response to this kind of request.

■ Carrier machines
Belt conveyors
Roller conveyors
Vertical conveyors
■ Mixers and stirrers
Paste mixers
■ Grinders
Impact type
Thin stone
Cutter mixers
■ Dispersers, classifiers, dehydrators, fixed-quantity filling machines
■ Heat exchangers, dust collectors
■ Refrigerators, freezers, defrosters, dryers
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