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The following is a sample of questions we frequently receive from website visitors.
メンテナンスはどうなってるの? お金はかかるの?

The machine structure is extremely simple, so generally speaking, malfunctions do not occur.
Accordingly, regular maintenance is not required.
However, wear and tear may cause operation problems after long years of use.
In this case, please contact us and we will check your equipment.
The charge for this service is the actual expenses involved only.
*This refers to the costs of replacement parts and shipping expenses when delivering to remote areas.


Bacteria can proliferate especially easily when there is grime and particulate matter left behind after cleaning, but our products are specially designed to prevent particulate buildup.
Our patented high-density poreless grinder reduces the internal fine gaps within the grinder to the smallest possible dimensions. As a result, the accumulation of particulate matter which can cause bacteria proliferation is no longer an issue.
In addition, components such as the grinding chamber and hopper do not directly contact foodstuffs and the designs enables them to be removed for washing (patented).
Only normal washing is needed to maintain safety and peace of mind.

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